Enjoy many exciting water sports at the most beautiful beaches in Canada

Known as the country with the longest coastline in the world, you should only swim in Canada in the summer because the waters here are very cold in other seasons.

Greenwich Sea

Greenwich is part of the Prince Edward Island National Park (PEI) that covers a long stretch of coastline along PEI’s northern border. Greenwich’s easternmost point lies on a peninsula bordering St. Bay. Peter and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Greenwich is possessing large, impressive sand dunes and beautiful coastline. However, the special thing here is the walking trail to the sea Greenwich Dunes through the peninsula, through fields, forests and Lake Bowley.

Indian Head Cove Beach

Indian Head Cove, located on the Bruce Peninsula, in the state of Ontario, is considered one of the most ideal scuba diving locations in the world with its coast covered by rocks and the sea water is clear. Adventurous travelers will find a lot of fun here such as jumping from cliffs to the sea, exploring coastal caves, or diving watching wrecks.

Indian Head Cove iss located on the Bruce Peninsula in the state of Ontario 1 - Enjoy many exciting water sports at the most beautiful beaches in Canada

Chesterman Sea

Chesterman is a beautiful beach in the town of Tofino, on Vancouver Island. At some points on the coast, at low tide you can also explore the caves hidden by the waves. The waves here is also ideal for many water sports like surfing.

Pinery Sea

The Pinery Sea is surrounded by forests, this narrow beach is a quiet place five along the banks of the majestic Lake Huron. Pinery Beach is one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the world voted by National Geographic.

The coastal ecosystem here is considered very diverse with 800 species of plants and more than 300 species of birds. Coming to Pinery, visitors can choose to swim, lie on the sand to watch the sunset, or explore nature with beautiful walking trails.

Havre Aubert Sea

Havre Aubert Sea is one of the most famous beaches of the city of Quebec. This place is the perfect place to walk on the golden sand and listen to the waves. It is also located near the center of the old Acadian town, with its lighthouses and jade buildings. Havre Aubert has large forests suitable for hiking and observing the rich forest flora.

The water sports paradise of Nova Scotia in Canada

Nova Scotia has the largest island, Cape Breton, which is named after the famous domestic and international actor who won an Oscar in 1946, actress Cape Breton.

Nova Scotia is home to more than 100 cultures and races around the world. The diversity in culture is shown in classical museums, cuisine, arts, many featured festivals, including the traditional violin music festival held every summer.

The violon festival is held in the summer

Travel Canada to Nova Scotia in the summer, is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the top music of the violon and Aboriginal culture. If you choose the right festival, visitors will have the opportunity to turn around time, transforming into real indigenous people.

In 1975, Nova Scotia’s multicultural association was officially established to preserve the rich cultural beauty of immigration from a long time ago, in which the unique African and Aboriginal culture is rare here.

The water sports paradise of Nova Scotia in Canada - The water sports paradise of Nova Scotia in Canada
The water sports paradise of Nova Scotia in Canada

In particular, to Nova Scotia, there is a place you must visit is the oldest ‘Sambro Island Lighthouse’ in North America. Located near the Sambro residential community, the lighthouse is a witness to history during World Wars I and II. Sambro lighthouse has a height of 25m, was first lit in 1758, and is one of the most famous lighthouses in the world.

In December 2007, the Sambro lighthouse was officially pictured on the postage stamps by the Canadian Post Office as a recognition of its existence. Nova Scotia boasts five sites recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

Travel by boat on the beach

Coming to Nova Scotia, you should not ignore the heart of the peninsula – Halifax city. The Halifax capital surrounded by the sea was built in the years 1828 – 1856 to protect the city of Halifax and the harbor area. The beach is a great place for enjoying water sports.

Today, Halifax City is the central hub of the state and is home to an important state administrative headquarters. Green grass hills with star-shaped walls, aristocratic European architecture of England, France … and the bustle of the commercial center will be a wonderful blend of classic – modern in the city. city.

As one of Canada’s most attractive tourist destinations, Nova Scotia’s marine paradise is sure to give you a great experience!