Canada’s Water Sports Current State amidst the Pandemic

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the entire world, water sports in Canada have seen a boom. Many equipment vendors have seen an increase in sales.

Kayaking Has Been an Incredible Activity In These Times

It can be practiced by family members and being outdoors, there is no risk of contagion.

Business managers report that they have had to call suppliers more often to replenish the inventory. There has also been an increase in sales of personal devices.

Navigation is another hobby that has increased during the pandemic. It is a form of entertainment that can also be enjoyed individually without the risk of contagion from contact with other people.

When confinement in the country began, there was a drop in sales but after the measures were eased, sales grew again without stopping.

Times are Changing

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Studies show that 35% of sales are of new boats. Many of the people who had planned to travel have spent their money to buy these types of equipment to enjoy more time with the family in a more secure way.

In the wake of this unparalleled pandemic, not only has the way we work and live together changed. It has also changed people’s preference for exercise. That’s why outdoor activities, such as water sports, are growing.

This can also be very beneficial to Canada in the long term. When the whole world returns to normal and borders are opened, water sports in the country will attract the attention of people from other countries. They will want to come and practice, thus increasing tourism. Perhaps the new times will bring a radical change that will benefit these types of sports. It is certain that as more people practice it, they will see so much improvement in their body, mind, and spirit, that, probably, they will not stop practicing them.