Enjoy exciting water sports at the most beautiful beaches in Canada (Part 2)

3. Devonshire Beach (Alberta)

Devonshire Beach stretches 7 km and is covered with white sand by 1,500-year-old sand dunes. This makes Devonshire one of the famous places of life in Canada.

You can participate in many competitions such as building sand statues, swimming, surfing, fishing… The thousand-year-old dunes are the attractions of many people to Devonshire Beach.

4. Wasaga Beach (Ontario)

This beach is located in a town in Simcoe, Ontario. Wasaga is surrounded by the longest freshwater waters in the world. This place is a famous tourist destination, attracting hundreds of thousands of visits from visitors from all over the world and Canadian residents every summer.

This beach is located in a town in Simcoe Ontario - Enjoy exciting water sports at the most beautiful beaches in Canada (Part 2)
Wasaga Beach is located in a town in Simcoe, Ontario

Wasaga Beach is a destination on the list of summer fun for many people. The bustle, crowded in March every year at Wasaga Beach makes many people think of the beaches in Florida (USA). However, many quiet areas are suitable for relaxation.

5. Grand Beach (Manitoba)

In less than an hour from Winnipeg, you’ll reach Grand Beach. This 3 km beach with fine stretches of white sand is located on the edge of Grand Marais in Grand Beach Provincial Park, east of Lake Winnipeg – the 6th largest freshwater lake in North America.

6. Sandbanks (Ontario)

This beach belongs to Grand Beach Provincial Park, where there are 3 beaches with countless white dunes. Sandbanks is located in Prince Edward County, the romantic land of Ontario province. It has a multitude of organic farms, wineries, and antique shops.

In addition to fun activities on the beach, you can visit famous places or organize a camping trip to enjoy an exciting part of life in Canada.

However, because the number of tourists coming here is quite crowded, you need to book in advance to ensure a campfire place, overnight with your friends. Not only is the beach immense, but Sandbanks also owns many sandhills and trees.