Sports Betting in Canada – Current State

A recent project of law has been presented to allow sports betting in Canada and to extend it to single-set bets.

In Michigan, United States, sports betting was legalized. This prompted action on Canadian sports betting.

In Search of a Fair Law

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Legislators, representatives, and casino workers have been in meetings to work on possible options.

The final common goal is to put pressure on the federal government to allow single-game gambling in Canada.

Continuing to deny one-game betting in Canada does not make sense. This leads to a huge loss of money for the Ontario government. A process is currently underway to tender out the operation of Caesars Casino and have the winner take over the casino from mid-2023.

However, it is not known how the business could be for those dates. With the legalization of sports betting in Michigan, Canadians are finding it easier to get in on their cell phones and gamble.

The reality is that Canada lost a big advantage with sports betting. This would have brought foreign investment and promoted domestic investment. However, sports betting could be legal with a change of liberal government.

It is a fact that if there were a real political will, the law could be changed in just a few weeks.

Missed Opportunities

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Many Canadian cities are already preparing to lose to US sports betting.

Due to the distance, it is very easy for Canadians to cross the border with the United States and gamble quietly from their cell phones. The Canadian population is less than 100 miles from the U.S. border. This means that Canada can lose a lot of money on taxes.

All that is left is to wait for the state to legalize sports betting and thus achieve an increase in profits where everyone wins. There is no point in continuing to ban a recreational activity that entertains everyone. Meanwhile, the debate on a law to legalize one-game sports betting continues. Politicians continue to delay while sports bettors and casino workers continue to fight for equal rights and opportunities.

Canada’s Water Sports Current State amidst the Pandemic

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the entire world, water sports in Canada have seen a boom. Many equipment vendors have seen an increase in sales.

Kayaking Has Been an Incredible Activity In These Times

It can be practiced by family members and being outdoors, there is no risk of contagion.

Business managers report that they have had to call suppliers more often to replenish the inventory. There has also been an increase in sales of personal devices.

Navigation is another hobby that has increased during the pandemic. It is a form of entertainment that can also be enjoyed individually without the risk of contagion from contact with other people.

When confinement in the country began, there was a drop in sales but after the measures were eased, sales grew again without stopping.

Times are Changing

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Studies show that 35% of sales are of new boats. Many of the people who had planned to travel have spent their money to buy these types of equipment to enjoy more time with the family in a more secure way.

In the wake of this unparalleled pandemic, not only has the way we work and live together changed. It has also changed people’s preference for exercise. That’s why outdoor activities, such as water sports, are growing.

This can also be very beneficial to Canada in the long term. When the whole world returns to normal and borders are opened, water sports in the country will attract the attention of people from other countries. They will want to come and practice, thus increasing tourism. Perhaps the new times will bring a radical change that will benefit these types of sports. It is certain that as more people practice it, they will see so much improvement in their body, mind, and spirit, that, probably, they will not stop practicing them.