My name is Emily Green and I have always been a water sports fan. When I was 16, I was part of my school’s paddling team, and upon graduation, I focused on becoming a professional.

I was able to participate in several competitions in my country, winning in all the first places. After some time, I opened my paddling school for girls. The adventure has been so wonderful to this day, that I would not change anything.

My passion for paddling and water sports, in general, led me to start this blog. My website where I can share with you everything related to these incredible sports. In this blog, I will give you very interesting articles about the different water sports that are practiced in Canada.

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You will be able to keep up to date with the events that take place every month and where they are held.

I will also share valuable information about the equipment needed to practice each sport. If you are a water sports lover like me, or just discovering them, welcome to my blog.

These sports require a certain physical and mental capacity, a lot of coordination, and an adventurous spirit to realize amazing feats. It is a good option to exercise and always have fun.

Among the great benefits of these sports is the exercise of all the muscles of the body. You burn more calories and increase your lung capacity. There is less risk of injury and your mental health and posture improve. Without a doubt, these sports give you complete development of body, mind, and soul.

One of the best things about life is playing sports outdoors. The connection you make between you and nature is a true gift.

I hope you enjoy this blog.